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We’re thrilled to be working with more than 8,000 accountants across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Here are some of their stories.


All In Advisory was established with a vision to use technology to take practice efficiency to new heights.



Founded in 1953, Cutcher & Neale is one of the most established accounting firms in the country with more than 145 staff, including 11 partners.



Embracing cloud document management to work remotely, BBB Partners are now using FYI automations to free up time and make the life of every accountant easier.



With multiple offices on different software systems and limited integration, the firm decided to seek out a better way of working.



PJS Financial were looking for increased efficiencies and flexibility and had been on their legacy systems for more than 30 years.


Customer reviews from around the web


Andrew Holdsworth
Posted 5 Aug 2021

What the accounting world needed

Great app and the people behind this product are the innovative leaders that the accounting world needed to shake things up!! Highly recommend to all accounting practices that want to move away from the old ways and into an automated. connected and cloud based document management system.


Alastair Scanlon
Posted 12 Aug 2021

Efficiency Plus!

FYI has improved efficiency across all aspects of our business. From document management and retrieval to process automation and internal tasking. They are constantly improving and refining their software and we couldn’t be happier with their product.


Tim Zirkler
Posted 5 Aug 2021

A must have for any practice!

We made the decision to move our Practice to Xero in early 2021. When it came to Document Management, we considered both SuiteFiles and FYI.

It was a no brainer to choose FYI, its extensive list of features, and obvious commitment to ongoing improvements were winners for us.

We have a team of 20 staff across 3 offices, with some staff working from home. FYI’s task and collaboration features make it easy to assign work and manage workflow. FYI is the must have app for any practice using XPM.


Alan Quinlan
23 weeks ago

Fantastic Document Management Solution!

The automation and time saving is fantastic. So good to move off a server into a cloud based solution. Great team to deal with! Thouroughly recommend


Madison Turner
Posted 5 Aug 2021

Great Product

I have been using FYI for a few months now and the usability is great. On the administration side of the workplace, this app really focuses on making life easier so that you can provide a quality service. The integration with Xero is excellent, both softwares work together with ease to keep everything updated. Documents are in one place making everything easy to find. I love the filter feature it definitely makes it even easier to find!

Would definitely recommend this product!


Shane Scott
Posted 6 Aug 2021

Brings everything together

FYI has been fantastic for us to bring together disjointed pieces of our app stack. The way it pulls all the necessary information from XPM has been fantastic (XPM is our point of truth for all client and job information) and means we don’t have to enter any information twice! I Love how transparent they are on improving the products ( Their pace of incremental improvement is just incredible.

The ability to structure our documents against Cabinets and jobs has been a massive win and there is no way we could go back to a nested folder structure.


Glenn O’Bryan
Posted 5 Aug 2021


We are new users to fyi and think the app is awesome. Cool features like the ability to bulk update records in XPM and the Job lists in fyi to manage workflow definitely help our productivity and enjoyment using XPM. They have great support and onboarding processes and real helpful team members in Jack and Cassie.

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