Automate the creation and filing of client emails

Turn a big time-waster into a big time-saver: reduce time spent drafting and
filing client emails to a fraction of its former self.

Automatically capture and file client emails, without leaving Outlook.

Store emails centrally, accessible to approved users across your practice.


Create emails in seconds
using templates with rich text and merge fields.

“FYI’s email integration is the easiest that I have ever used.”

Bill Mancer Director, Rise Accountants Limited

Instant access to every client email

Locate relevant emails in seconds with
centralised email storage for the whole practice.

  • Every email between your client and anyone on your team is stored centrally – not locked away in individual inboxes
  • Access rights to cabinets can be assigned to multiple users, and emails viewed by client, group or job
  • All in-bound and outbound emails are archived so nothing is lost!

Next level efficiency inside Outlook

Create a task, initiate a workflow, or record time without leaving the email you’re working on.
Deep integration with Microsoft Outlook

  • Access the FYI app within Outlook (via desktop or online)
  • Create emails and pre-file them without leaving Outlook
  • Add comments to emails to share with your team, or tag emails for management approval

Client emails that file themselves

Save time every time you receive a client email, with
auto-filing of client emails

  • Emails that match a client in Xero Practice Manager are auto-filed in FYI and immediately accessible to your team
  • Apply consistent filing rules – practice-wide
  • Set filing defaults at the user, client or practice level and save huge amounts of valuable time

Zero time spent filing email attachments

Save time every time you receive a client email, with
auto-filing of email attachments

  • Email attachments are automatically stored and filed against the corresponding client and job
  • Set practice or user filing defaults to suit your practice
  • No need to save documents to your desktop and upload

Create standard emails in seconds

Save time on repetitive client communications.
Auto-create emails using templates

  • Save time on repetitive email creation using rich text and merge fields
  • Set auto-filing defaults as part of the template, with emails filed automatically as they’re created
  • Apply practice or user-specific email signatures manually or automatically
  • Manage templates using versioning, previews, activity records, comments and other collaboration tools

Track email conversations almost instantly

Know exactly who said what and when, with
automatic email threading

  • Emails in a thread are automatically linked in your filing system
  • You have instant access to the most recent email, without losing its history
  • View entire conversations, making it easier to keep track of different emails in the thread

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