Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any pre-requisites for using FYI?

Yes, there are two prerequisites for using FYI in your practice – Microsoft 365 and Xero Practice Manager.

FYI is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 to deliver email and document automation. Microsoft 365 Business Standard is the minimum license required to be able to edit documents from FYI using the desktop versions of Office or Outlook. We cannot guarantee optimal performance if you are using volume licensed Office products.

Integration with Xero Practice Manager allows you to sync your clients, client groups, team, jobs and time without having to maintain data in multiple locations.  If you do not have Xero Practice Manager, you can setup FYI by using Xero Tax. But in this instance, FYI will only sync your Clients.

What can I do in FYI during the 30-day trial?

FYI’s entire feature set of the FYI pro plan is available to explore during your free trial. You can start by creating sample letters, importing and filing emails, delegating tasks and most importantly, start activating automations. This is where your step-change in practice efficiency and client service really kicks in

Quick Tip: Make sure you have installed the FYI Add-ins for Office and Outlook and optimised your computer for use with FYI. You may also wish to import a batch of documents, to work with inside of FYI.

What happens when the trial period ends?

When you subscribe to FYI, all the emails, documents, settings and integrations added during your trial are available when you go live. If you decide not to subscribe, you can easily download your documents and your entire account and data will be permanently deleted.

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Is there a cost associated with the FYI onboarding process?

Yes, the FYI team will develop an onboarding plan to make sure you transition smoothly and hit the ground running with FYI. Our onboarding specialists will guide you through the migration of your historical documents, set up and configuration of FYI, and then host live group training sessions customised to suit your team and practice. Pricing for our Assisted Onboarding services varies depending on the size of your firm and the complexity of your data migration and project management needs.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

Nope! There are no long-term contracts required with FYI. Your account is a month-to-month commitment.

How do I know which plan is right for my practice?

Our Starter plan will provide instant results with a more efficient way to manage emails. Upgrade to Intermediate to access FYI’s unique blend of document management and CRM. Advance to Pro to access all features, including advanced automations. You can upgrade your account any time you like. We expect over time almost all practices will end up on our top plan due to the level of automation it offers. Learn more

Do we need a consultant to assist us with implementation and training?

The best approach to implementing FYI in your practice will depend on the size and complexity of your historical data, number of users and amount of training required.
The FYI Client Success team can provide an Assisted Onboarding plan including the migration of your data, initial set up of FYI and training as required. If you would prefer to work with a consultant for implementation and training, then we have a range of independent experts to choose from.

What level of support does FYI provide?

We provide email support and access to a comprehensive knowledge base. This is included in your monthly subscription at no extra cost.

Our support team is available during business hours to answer your queries. Simply email For more complicated issues, we will initiate an outbound call.

The FYI Help Centre is a comprehensive knowledge base designed to assist you on your FYI journey. It provides detailed help articles, tutorial videos and releases notes to help you use the app to its full potential.

All active FYI Users are also welcome to join our User Community – this is where our users from practices across Australia, New Zealand and the UK can discuss features and best practices, share insights and ideas, and ask questions to ensure they are getting the most out of FYI.  Click here to join.

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Where is our data stored?

For Australian and New Zealand clients, data is stored in Amazon’s AWS data centres in Sydney. For our UK clients the data is hosted in AWS’s London data centres. As we become a global provider, we will host FYI in the UK and the US.

How is our data backed up?

Backups within the FYI application are included in your subscription. Your data is dynamically backed up by Amazon (AWS) as part of their core service. Amazon provide inbuilt offsite backups, disaster recovery and multiple sites synchronisation, and more. We also provide the ability for practices to back-up their own data locally.

What level of security does FYI provide?

FYI is certified for ISO 27001, an international standard for information security management. FYI has also been certified by the ATO as a Digital Service Provider. This means that FYI meets the ATO’s requirements in relation to authentication, encryption, certification, data hosting, personnel security and security monitoring practices.

Does FYI Comply with Privacy Laws?

FYI complies with both Australian and UK privacy laws. We are committed to preventing unauthorised access to or disclosure of customer information. Click here to read our privacy policy.

Who owns our data? And if we decide to cancel our subscription, can we export our documents?

Yes, of course. Your practice always owns your data. If you want to leave at any time, anyone with the role of administrator can download your documents in a logical folder hierarchy representing critical metadata.

FYI has been built to meet the highest security standards.

Rest assured knowing your documents are fully protected and secure.


How difficult is the data migration process?

It’s easier than you might think. We have built-for-purpose tools and have onboarded hundreds of practices to FYI from a variety of legacy systems, so we’ve seen pretty much everything when it comes to document filing structures.

How long does it take to migrate my documents?

This depends on the size of your data and internet connection and could take anywhere from a few hours, to over a week. Subject to availability, the assisted onboarding process normally takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the amount of preparation required.

What data is migrated along with my documents?

In most instances, we can extract data such as document name, type, date created and date modified, and migrate it across to FYI. Depending on your legacy system, we may also be able to migrate the client, group, cabinet, year and work type for each document – and more.

Can I maintain my existing folder structures?

FYI takes a database approach to data storage and is not folder-based. However, we can replicate your existing filing structures to reduce the impact of change experienced by your staff.

Do I need to prepare my data beforehand?

It is useful to have all client folders at one level of the folder hierarchy before migrating to FYI. However, it is easy to cleanse your data after migration using FYI’s refiling tools.

Can I maintain my existing MYOB cabinet and category structures?

Yes. We are able to sync both the MYOB documents and the MYOB database.

How do you match our client folders to clients in XPM? What if they don’t match?

We match client folders to XPM through a name, client code, export code or XPM ID. If we are unable to find a match, we will create an ‘unmatched client’. You can then match these clients to XPM using our ‘Resolve Clients’ function. This makes correcting slight mis-spellings easy to resolve across hundreds of client folders.

What happens to archived client data on migration?

If the client is archived or not in XPM at all, we will create an unmatched client for these documents. This unmatched client is not linked to a client in XPM, but will always be accessible in FYI from the archived clients’  section.

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