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Use co-edit to collaborate with your team and
clients, share documents with clients securely,
and deliver exceptional client service.

Co-edit Documents

Co-edit documents with your team, with clients, or both at the same time. Enhance client service and save time by collaborating on documents simultaneously, instead of waiting for updated versions.

  • Allow multiple users to edit a document at the same time – even remotely
  • Collaborate on the same Word, Excel or PowerPoint document
  • Changes saved in FYI

Share Documents and Folders with clients, securely

Share documents and folders with clients without sending sensitive documents via email.

  • Using OneDrive, clients receive an email with a link, with two-step verification to keep access to documents secure.
  • No separate login required – clients login using their email account, making it easy to use
  • Similar to a portal, documents can be shared securely and edited simultaneously by client and accountant
  • Clients can upload documents – and they will be auto-filed in FYI ready for use by the practice
  • Assign or remove user access to a client’s Share Folder with User Access Controls.
  • See everyone you’ve shared folder links with and manage their access with a click.

Upload Folders for External Users

Clients can securely upload documents to a personal folder to share with the practice.

  • Uploaded documents are automatically refiled according to your specifications
  • Team members can be automatically notified when uploaded documents have been refiled.
  • Assign or remove user access to Upload Folders, with User
  • See everyone you’ve shared folder links with and manage their access with a click.

Send for Signature

Integration with your preferred digital signing app allows you to automate the client signature process.

  • Status of documents automatically set as ‘pending client
  • Once signed, documents can be filed automatically, and your team notified.

Having a secure space that clients can drop documents into is fantastic and far more secure than email, so it provides clients with peace of mind

Jarrod Bramble, Abby Acutt, Client Services Manager –
G J Walsh & Co

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