Automate low value, repetitive tasks
and be more productive

Save your practice countless hours by automating
daily admin tasks and processes, freeing up time
to concentrate on high-value services.

Sample Processes to get the ball rolling

Get started today with a range of sample process automations,
customisable to your practice and ready to go.

Tax Return/Client Ledger Reports AutoFile

Auto-capture and file Xero tax returns and client ledger reports.

  • Access your client’s latest tax return in Xero Tax from within FYI
  • Import reports from your client’s Xero Ledgers with a single click
  • Auto-file consistently named reports in FYI for easy access

Automatic Document Imports

Auto-import and file documents from BGL, NowInfinity and a growing number of accounting practice apps

  • All documents auto-filed in FYI using sophisticated filing rules
  • Use the My Imports automation to receive alerts when client files are imported into FYI
  • Save time, ensure consistency and enable easy information retrieval.

Tax Assessments Autofile

Auto-import and file tax assessments.

  • Daily import of tax assessments from the ATO
  • Automatically cross-checked with Xero Tax and auto-filed in FYI
  • Client emails automatically generated – makes sending assessments to clients so easy

Customise your own automations

Create custom processes to automate repetitive, mundane or low-value tasks,
and save time to devote to higher-value work.

  • Create your own automations across client services
  • Apply to any repetitive, multi-step task practice-wide
  • Re-engineer processes and improve responsiveness
  • Empower teams to automate processes their way – limited only by their imagination!

Control when automations run

Schedule automations to deploy automatically or manually, with Process Triggers. Trigger workflows to run automatically based on job state, such as when a proposal is accepted.

Configure Process Steps to suit your practice

Create process automations using the steps appropriate for your practice’s workflow. Configure Process Steps across the entire feature set of FYI and integrated apps.

Control how and to whom they apply

Create automations specific to clients, jobs or document types. Refine and control how your automation applies, with Process Filters.

Test before you deploy

Inbuilt Protections such as ‘test’ allow you to feel comfortable with an automation before deploying to your database.

We use FYI automations in the background. As soon as a document is approved, the processes that our admin team follow are now fully automated.

Jarrod Bramble, Partner –
Cutcher & Neale

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