FYI + AccountKit

Manage client work more efficiently by integrating FYI with AccountKit.

The seamless integration between FYI and AccountKit allows you to complete client work more efficiently, with everything you need at your fingertips.

  • Link source documents in FYI to AccountKit tools. Save time by linking contracts, invoices and loan agreements in FYI to useful AccountKit tools. For example, a finance contract in FYI can link directly to the Equipment Finance Tool in AccountKit.
  • Import AccountKit reports and file them in FYI with ease. Maintain a complete client file in FYI, including final Div7a schedules and client maps. You can even assign a Task to a report to ensure nothing falls through the cracks!
  • Jump straight from AccountKit to the same client in FYI. With a single click, you can transition to the client’s workspace in FYI to access what you need.

It works instantly out of the box, matching clients between the two apps, and applying security and permissions – and even allows you to browse documents by Client Group in AccountKit.

About AccountKit

AccountKit’s suite of admin, compliance and consulting tools are designed to make cloud-based accounting practices more efficient and give you the insights you need to start bigger conversations with your clients.

Integrating my two favourite apps, FYI and AccountKit, means documents can now be shared between them. Great news for linking source docs!

Shannon Patterson, Director –
Prescott Business Solutions

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