Deep-Dive into Email AutoFile!

Tuesday, 25th February | 12.30pm AEST

Email AutoFile is at the core of FYI. One of the biggest time-savers, when done right. We want to show exactly how to benefit from this great feature.

In this session we will cover:

How email AutoFile works

The role of each AutoFile setting and toggle

How to adjust your email AutoFile settings

How to clear your intray quickly (and some more advanced intray tools)

How to make the move to complete AutoFiling (if you are not quite there)

We will also provide a brief product update and ask for your feedback on what to improve next!


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Developed & hosted by
Rob Cameron
CEO and Co-Founder
FYiI is the fourth generation of a product concept Rob has been working on in his 20+ years developing solutions for accountants.
Jack Thiel

Client Success Manager, FYI

Jack is a Chartered Accountant with more than 5 years working in practice, and a passion for SaaS technology.