Take your client relationships
to the next level

With instant access to emails, documents, recent interactions and outstanding tasks, providing the highest standard of service never felt so easy.

Record meetings, phone calls and file notes

Capture client interactions quickly and easily to provide a complete history of every client relationship.

Instant views across Client Groups

View documents, tasks and jobs by Client Group – without having to view by individual client.

Client Security for extra peace of mind

Security controls ensure access to sensitive information is granted to relevant team members only.

Maintain a single source of truth

Improve data accuracy and eliminate re-keying errors, with a single source of client data

  • Client data is synced with your practice management software (Xero Practice Manager, Xero Tax, GreatSoft)
  • Clients, client groups, jobs and team info from XPM is imported into FYI and continuously synchronised
  • No need to maintain data in multiple locations

Manage everything in one place

Make collaborating on client work easy and boost productivity, with a dedicated workspace for every client.

  • Up-to-date summary of each client’s affairs – in one shared place for your team
  • View emails, documents, jobs and tasks across the client group
  • Instant access to up-to-date information – tax returns from Xero Tax, reports from your client’s Xero Ledger and other client documents – captured automatically from external sources and filed consistently

Customise Client Views to suit your practice

Create client views using the details most important to your team, and access information in the way that best suits your practice.

  • Manipulate lists of documents, tasks and jobs
  • Save any search criteria as well as column order and filters
  • Activate sticky views to ensure that list views selected by users are applied by default across all lists in the session

Automate outbound email campaigns

Build custom process automations to deliver targeted outbound email communications such as e-newsletters to your client base

  • Segment your database using custom client fields
  • Use these client views to send client email campaigns to a targeted audience
  • Create a one-off or drip email campaign using Automation Process Steps

With a dedicated workspace for each client, it’s easy to collaborate on client work. It creates greater cohesiveness within our business, and the ability to work from anywhere.

Andrew Holdsworth, Practice Manager –
BBB Partners

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