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Use co-edit to collaborate with your team and
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Co-edit Documents

Co-edit documents with your team, with clients, or both at the same time. Enhance client service and save time by collaborating on documents simultaneously, instead of waiting for updated versions.

  • Allow multiple users to edit a document at the same time – even remotely
  • Collaborate on the same Word, Excel or PowerPoint document
  • Changes saved in FYI

Share Documents and Folders with clients, securely

Share documents and folders with clients without sending sensitive documents via email.

  • Using OneDrive, clients receive an email with a link, with two-step verification to keep access to documents secure.
  • No separate login required – clients login using their email account, making it easy to use
  • Similar to a portal, documents can be shared securely and edited simultaneously by client and accountant
  • Clients can upload documents – and they will be auto-filed in FYI ready for use by the practice
  • Assign or remove user access to a client’s Share Folder with User Access Controls.
  • See everyone you’ve shared folder links with and manage their access with a click.

Upload Folders for External Users

Clients can securely upload documents to a personal folder to share with the practice.

  • Uploaded documents are automatically refiled according to your specifications
  • Team members can be automatically notified when uploaded documents have been refiled.
  • Assign or remove user access to Upload Folders, with User
  • See everyone you’ve shared folder links with and manage their access with a click.

Send for Signature

Integration with your preferred digital signing app allows you to automate the client signature process.

  • Status of documents automatically set as ‘pending client
  • Once signed, documents can be filed automatically, and your team notified.

We use FYI automations in the background. As soon as a document is approved, the processes that our admin team follow are now fully automated.

Jarrod Bramble, Partner –
Cutcher & Neale

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