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Released 31 July 2022

FYI Product Update | July 2022

New this month within FYI…. 

  • Export Automatons, This will make sharing with each other that much simpler.
  • Job Automation enhancements, Using create job step in your Automation’s you can now copy from values using Trigger Jobs, and Merge Fields for the Client Name.
  • New Learn Section for Learning To use FYI like a pro. The courses in here separate out the new user training for those wanting to get the most out of the FYI platform.

Also catch a sneak peek at New Lists….

Released 30 June 2022

June 2022: What’s New and Improved

New this month within FYI…. Update multiple Custom Fields at the same time –  a handy tool to save time when updating Clients and Jobs. The GST Return Job process automation has been added to our automation library and is ready for you to import, test and activate. And our latest Learn course has been released – Collaborating on Documents. Learn how to use FYI’s Collaborate feature to Co-Edit and Share documents.


Released 24 June 2022

FYI Product Update | June 2022

Our latest product update introduces some exciting new features, with a look at our product roadmap to see what’s on the horizon. Highlights include:

  • New Features – New Workflow Jobs, new practice styling, auto-complete tasks, and new lists that power up your access to info in FYI.
  • New Automations – available for import from our Automation Library. now available for import from our Automation Library.
  • New Integrations – connect with PDFit, to edit PDF’s in the cloud. And watch this space for integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zapier – coming soon!
  • New Learning Resources – new automations that will create a series of emails, tasks and interactive exercises for your team to complete, plus new eLearning courses to help your team get more out of FYI.
Released 31 May 2022

New Workflow Jobs for practices integrating with Xero Practice Manager

This great new feature turbo-boosts your ability to manage workflows in FYI!

If your practice has annual billing jobs set up in Xero Practice Manager, your XPM tasks will now sync through to FYI as Workflow Jobs, providing new ways to monitor and track XPM Tasks and Jobs.

  • Get quick access to XPM tasks assigned to any XPM billing job, without leaving FYI
  • Track workflow for each interim piece of work, and update budgets and job states on the fly
  • Bulk update job details such as start date, due date or any custom fields
  • Apply custom user roles to assign responsibilities and improve transparency

There’s no need for double entry – all info is readily available in both FYI and XPM.

And this is where the fun really begins…. Workflow Jobs can be used in automations to help manage workloads and save you time. Auto-send outstanding work reminders, auto-create documents for job kick off, and a whole lot more!

Managing workflows in FYI has never been easier!

Released 31 May 2022

May 2022: What’s New and Improved

This month we released Workflow Jobs – a game changing feature for practices using Annual Billing Jobs in XPM. This allows you to monitor and track your XPM Tasks using the full suite of jobs functionality within FYI. Business Structure can now be displayed as a column in your clients list. Use it to sort and filter your clients – and to run automations – like sending bulk email communications to your clients based on their business structure. And we’ve welcomed PDFit to the FYI family, so you can edit PDFs in the cloud rather than saving PDF documents to your desktop.

Released 30 April 2022

April 2022: What’s New and Improved

This month has seen the release of AutoComplete Tasks – a great new tool to use in your automations. For example, a task can now be set to auto-complete when the status of a document has updated to “Client Signed”.  A great little time-saver! Bulk Update can now be used to update multiple Client Custom Fields. Use it to apply a current date on mass, or to set a specific date and update your client’s lodgement due dates in a flash. Plus you’ll find improvements to Email Signatures – now easier to personalise, with more formatting options.

Released 19 April 2022

FYI Product Update | March 2022

In this 90-minute webinar,  Rob Cameron and Cassie Kaddatz announce some exciting new features and shared their ideas on best practices for Jobs and Workflow Jobs. Highlights include:

  • New ways to maintain client data
  • New ways to manage your jobs in FYI
  • eLearning courses, available to all
  • Our new Automation Library

Plus new Sample Clients, even more ways to get support from the FYI team, and a whole lot more.

Released 31 March 2022

March 2022: What’s New and Improved

Want to get started as a new admin, or just brush up your skills? This month, we’ve released new course material in Learn that’s just for you.

You’ll also find new Custom User Roles for emails, so there’s no limits on who can send your client emails,  and the ability to split automations so you can send emails to clients and vary the content, say for different locations.

And a whole lot more.


Released 28 February 2022

February 2022: What’s New and Improved

Our latest course in Learn has been released – Getting Started as an FYI Admin. Designed to help you set up FYI to suit your practice, it covers cabinets and categories, users and user groups, and practice wide settings.

Need to know the who has made a change to a client or job, and when? The new Activity tabs in your workspaces act as an audit log, keeping track changes.

And our System Status page has had a face-lift! Display the status of our key services, by region, and subscribe to receive status updates to a Microsoft Teams channel of your choice. A great way to stay up to date!

Released 31 January 2022

January 2022: What’s New and Improved

We’ve kicked 2022 off with the release of two great new features!

Categories are now available for Tasks, allowing you to identify and manage high priority tasks at an individual level, by client or job, and even practice-wide.

Also new, is the ability to create and edit Custom Fields for Clients and Jobs – giving you instant access to the most up to date information to use in FYI for filtering and in automations. No more waiting for a sync!

And we’ve been busy with enhancements throughout the platform – from search and retrieval tools, to task management, automations and more.