We’re on a mission to liberate
accountants by halving the time
spent on compliance and admin.

Every feature of the FYI platform is designed to super-
charge practice efficiency, save time and increase


Boost productivity in the new world of ‘work from anywhere’

Collaborate more efficiently with your team
and clients

Make auditing easy with automatic records
of everything

Reduce human error, improve consistency
and deliver a better client experience

Recover time for work that adds real value to
your clients

Within their first three months, firms who previously relied on manual processes experience timesaving and productivity gains of up to 20% using FYI’s core feature set. And that’s just the beginning. The more processes you automate in your practice, the faster the efficiencies add up. 

Even on our top-tier ‘pro plan’, FYI costs less than $1.75 per user/per day. Compared to standard hourly charge- out rates, the ROI in timesaving alone is compelling.

Save 2+ hours per fee earner on every compliance job

Save 15 mins+
on completion and lodgement

Integrate with digital signing apps for client signatures

Use templates to save time sending standard emails

Auto-file signed documents in FYI and auto-update workflow status

Save 15 mins+
collaborating with your team and clients

Delegate tasks that are automatically linked to the source email or document

Send documents to clients securely

Co-edit documents

Save 20 mins+
gathering, filing and sharing data

AutoFile client emails

Automate document sharing processes

Save 30 mins+
on daily admin

Auto-create and export timesheets into XPM

Save 10 mins+
reviewing and supervising work

Use document workflows to fast-track the review and approval of work

Delegate tasks instantly and track progress easily

Save 30 mins+
preparing workpapers

Auto-create emails and documents using templates

Name and file documents consistently

Create cross-links between relevant documents instantly

Use powerful search and retrieval tools to find information

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