Take your client relationships to the next level

With a dedicated workspace for each client, and instant access to recent interactions and outstanding tasks, giving your clients the highest standard of service never felt so easy

Single source of client information

  • Use Xero Practice Manager as your one source for client info
  • Clients, jobs and tax returns are imported into FYI and continuously synchronised
  • No need to maintain data in multiple locations

Records meetings, phone calls and file notes

  • Capture all client interactions
  • Provide an accurate history of every client relationship

Work from a dedicated workspace for each client or family group

  • Dedicated client view improves productivity and ensures relevant information is readily available
  • Up-to-date summary of each client’s affairs – including recent emails, documents and outstanding tasks
  • Instant access to auto-filed tax returns from Xero Tax and reports from each client’s Xero Ledger
  • Navigate between a group, client and job view, to easily access relevant information

Automate your CRM tasks

  • Automatically capture client documents from external sources and file them consistently
  • Create custom processes to automate any repetitive CRM task
  • Deliver a consistently high standard of professional service
  • Manage client relationships effectively.

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FYI is changing the way accounting practices work – for the better!

  • God, I love this program!

    Jeremy Coverdale Partner - Coverdale Business Solutions
  • FYI combines email, workflow processing, task management, customer relationship management and more. It will be exciting to watch the progress on this one.

    Alan Fitzgerald Founder – Practice Connections
  • One of the biggest frustrations we have is people not finding procedures easily and filing documents in different places. FYI's structured filing system solves these problems perfectly. Thanks for putting together such an awesome program.

    Jason Skinner CEO/Director - Skinner Hamilton
  • FYI blew me away. It’s more than a document management solution …’s a way of re-casting all of your processes internally and automating them. And it’s an absolute game-changer.

    Rob Stone Director of Operations - Asia & Australia at Xero
  • Changing document management systems was a huge call for our practice.  It wasn't until we came across FYI that we were able to make the right decision. The roll out and migration of documents was both efficient and cost effective.  Our team jumped on it from day one and it has all been very seamless and efficient - we wouldn't go back!

    Sam Horsman Principal - PJS Financial
  • The transition from MYOBAE to FYI was seamless and the FYI team walked us through every step. We have been using FYI for a week and the time saved already outweighs the initial costs.

    Rebecca Reaburn Personal Assistant to Stephen Toohey – Toohey Reid
  • FYI’s jobs board will completely transform the way we manage our workflow, reports and meetings. It’s a real game changer!

    Adam Wilson Partner – Wilson Accounting
  • "FYI has been a huge boon for our practice given the challenges around COVID. We are comfortably able to send the majority of our staff to work from home thanks to your great software."

    Alistair Scanlon Partner - Scanlon Richardson Accounting
  • “Having FYI right now to help manage Job Keeper requirements is making my life waaaaay easier”

    Andrew Van de Beek Founder, Illumin8
  • “FYI’s email integration is the easiest that I have ever used. Transferring our files onto the platform was easy and we have been pleased with the easy access to records and use of templates for standard letter and email generation.”

    Bill Mancer Director, Rise Accountants Limited

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