Enterprise document management enabling a paperless office

At its core, FYI is a robust document management and automation engine.
Create and file your documents including templates and a powerful audit trail with all the controls you’d expect in a paperless office….and more!

Powerful add-ins across the Office Suite

Powerful add-ins across the Office suite enable seamless document creation and editing on the desktop. Your team will benefit from the convenience of a cloud document store, coupled with the productivity edge that Microsoft Office desktop provides.

Seamless Check-in/Check-out

Seamless check-in and check-out ensures that two users never make edits to a document simultaneously. This avoids data loss and conflicts and saves time. Users can manually check documents back in, but with protections in place to avoid duplication errors and data loss.

Document Templates

Manage templates and stationery for each document type such as standard letters and emails. This improves productivity and quality control thanks to standardised content that can only be maintained by administrators.

Versioning and Audit Trails

FYI maintains a history of all major events on a document including versions. This allows users to have a restore point on complicated documents if required. Versioning will become even more important in the future when AutoFile is extended to external platforms.

Knowledge Cabinets

Boost productivity and consistency by storing practice templates and other non-client documents such as policies and procedures in knowledge cabinets that are easily searched by your team. Choose who has edit rights to documents in your knowledge cabinets to maintain quality.

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FYI is changing the way accounting practices work – for the better!

We have been a client of FYI since January 2019 and are delighted with the product and its evolving road map. The level of client service and responsiveness to enhancements has been impressive. FYI is certainly an industry leader and best practice solution.

Robert Moore

Director – Invigor8 Accountants and Advisors

God, I love this program!

Jeremy Coverdale

Partner – Coverdale Business Solutions

One of the biggest frustrations we have is people not finding procedures easily and filing documents in different places. FYI’s structured filing system solves these problems perfectly. Thanks for putting together such an awesome program.

Jason Skinner

CEO/Director - Skinner Hamilton

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