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Released 29 May 2020

Keep track of all your automated processes with new notifications

Easily track documents that have been imported, filed or changed in FYI with automation notifications.

  • Get alerted when process automations have occurred
  • Create comments that can be defined and triggered as part of the automated process
  • One or many users can be set up to be notified
Released 03 April 2020

Efficiently manage all your jobs with our new job workspace

Navigating FYI is now even more intuitive with the addition of a new dedicated workspace for jobs.

  • File your documents to an XPM job
  • Makes search and retrieval of relevant information even faster
  • Each job includes a summary of key data from XPM and a list of relevant documents and tasks
  • Easily track the status of your jobs
Released 03 April 2020

Collaborate with your clients securely – even on the most sensitive documents

Rather than attaching sensitive documents to emails, you can now share information with your clients securely, via OneDrive.

  • OneDrive access available with every Office 365 subscription
  • Similar integration with other client-friendly platforms such as DropBox to come
Released 03 April 2020

Generate a seamless approval process with DocuSign

We’re thrilled to announce that FYI now integrates with the market-leading app DocuSign, making all your client approvals seamless.

  • Documents signed by clients are automatically imported into FYI
  • Updates the original with the signed copy and updates the workflow status
  • Further integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign on the way
Released 09 March 2020

Create complete client files with auto-import of tax returns

This new automation provides a complete picture of a client in a single, searchable view.

  • Saves time by avoiding the need to manually open and locate returns within Xero Tax
  • Auto-creates and maintains weblinks to Xero Tax Returns from your client file in FYI.
  • Daily updates with Xero Tax to retrieve all newly issued returns
Released 09 March 2020

Instantly access your client ledger reports with our auto-import

FYI’s automation engine allows you to automatically import batches of reports from your client’s Xero Ledger, into FYI.

  • Automatic naming and filing of trial balance, profit & loss, bank summary and balance sheet reports
  • If the amounts in the ledger change, simply re-run the batch to create a new version of the reports in FYI.
  • Set up to run on demand, so only run when a user requests it
Released 09 March 2020

Easily view all your client info with our new jobs and tax tabs

FYI is fast becoming a lens in which to view the entire client’s file. Our latest update delivers two new tabs in the client workspace.

Jobs tab

  • lists each of the jobs created in Xero Practice Manager for the client
  • Includes info such job status and current WIP balance
  • Dynamically populated – avoiding the need to open multiple systems to understand client position

Tax tab

  • Lists each of the tax returns created for the client in Xero Tax
  • Dynamically populated – avoiding need to open multiple systems to understand client position
Released 09 March 2020

Your team collaboration will be effortless with comments and notifications

These new tools make collaborating on complicated documents or challenging tasks, a breeze.


  • Add comments to emails, documents and tasks
  • Collaborate with your team – ask each other questions or give updates on individual progress
  • Tracks the conversation and automatically records it on the client file
  • Simply highlight the document or task in a list and click ‘comments’ on the side of the FYI Drawer to view comments


  • Sends the delegator of a task an email notification when an assignee updates or completes a task
  • Completed task notification includes the name of assignee who completed it
  • These instant notifications will improve communication and reduce follow up
Released 01 November 2019

New Features Round-Up: November 2019

It’s been a busy couple of months at FYI! We’ve been onboarding new practices every day, and our dev team continues to roll out new features and improvements to the platform at a cracking pace.

Read on to learn more about some of our latest time-saving features:

  • Automatically record XPM time from the emails, documents and client interactions recorded in FYI
  • Use the FYI Drawer from within Excel to cross link supporting source documents
  • Powerful full text search on the contents of emails
  • Move seamlessly between Groups, Clients and Jobs with the new Group workspace and navigation
  • Build smart email signatures that can be leveraged across the practice
  • Our exciting beta release, Custom Processes and an update on Tax Assessments!

We also have two live webinars this month – the first in a new masterclass series helping clients get the most from FYI, and a live webinar, co-hosted by Xero and FYI, for practices contemplating moving from a desktop practice suite to the cloud. There’s still time to register at the links above.

Record XPM time without leaving FYI

Our new timesheet feature allows you to automatically record XPM time from within FYI. Timesheets are pre-populated, making it quick and easy to complete all your daily tasks without leaving FYI.

We estimate that this exciting new feature will deliver a time saving of 15 minutes or more per user each day!

  • Create timesheets from the FYI Drawer – Select any document in FYI to open the drawer and Create a Time Sheet record. Relevant information will be pre-populated to make the process quick and easy.
  • View time from your FYI Dashboard – View a total of hours recorded on any individual day or access more detail as required.
  • Take the pain out of time recording – View My Recent documents for a handy record of emails, client interactions and documents you’ve worked on in recent days. Select one and record your time. It’s that easy!

Improved Email Workflow and New Smart Signatures

  • Email Workflow – We’ve fixed some issues regarding draft emails to allow teams to collaborate on emails prior to sending. Draft emails created from FYI will now be available for editing and sending from a new, auto-created Outlook folder “FYI – Drafts” for each user. This improvement makes it easy for teams to work together, ensuring only the best quality emails are sent to clients!
  • Email Signatures – You can now create a single practice-wide email signature that, through the use of merge fields, can be applied to any users in your team! Learn more about setting up your email stationery in our upcoming Masterclass on Optimising Stationery and Templates.

New features making search and retrieval more powerful

  • Full text search on emails – Search the body of emails from any FYI document list. Simply turn on Search Email Contents and now any text you type into the search field will search any word within the emails.
  • New document views – To speed up your searching further we’ve released a number of best-practice default views which teams can leverage from anywhere in FYI. Simply click the view drop-down when searching for documents and pick your favourite view. You can, of course, still create your own custom views.
  • Doclink from within Excel – Using the FYI drawer from within Excel, you can now utilise FYI’s powerful search and retrieval functionality to locate and link documents. This makes the process of attaching supporting workpapers to a spreadsheet quick and easy.
  • New workspace and views for Client Groups – Traverse seamlessly from Group to Client to Job and back again, to assist with the constant switching in context required throughout your day. This ensures the info you need is always easily accessible and provides additional insights across the Client group.

Custom Processes now in beta & Tax Assessments coming soon…

Custom processes will allow you to develop bespoke automated workflows unique to your practice. Some examples, might include:

  • Setting-up processes to automatically create emails, documents, or tasks (or a combination of all three) on certain dates or triggers.
  • Automate recurring tasks
  • Automate bulk email processes

These examples are really just the beginning of what is possible!

  • Our friends at Xero Tax have been busy finalising their Tax Assessment service which is a precursor to FYI Tax Assessments.
  • This has been released early to FYI clients to lay down the framework and as a bonus for being part of the FYI Community
  • We expect to release a beta version of our Tax Assessment Automation within the next 3 weeks
Released 01 August 2019

New Features Round-Up: August 2019

New features and product enhancements have been coming thick and fast over the last couple of months, and we’re not slowing down in the slightest! Upcoming releases include integration with Adobe Sign, Custom Processes and the long-awaited Tax Assessments.

Read on to learn more about:

  • exciting new integrations with industry-leading apps, including BGL and NowInfinity
  • new merge fields creating even more possibilities to create powerful templates
  • new Knowledge cabinets
  • new features making team collaboration even easier
  • enhancements making task management more intuitive

New Integrations With BGL, NowInfinity And More

  • FYI integrates with industry-leading apps across the practice ecosystem to enable an ever-expanding range of powerful process automations. Our new integrations with BGL and NowInfinity facilitate automatic daily import and filing of new documents within your client files in FYI.
  • An Administrator can activate your connection to these apps and configure the settings for your practice via the Automation dashboard.
  • The Client workspace now features a dedicated tab for Corporate Affairs. This provides a snapshot of the lodgement status of ASIC annual reviews, with single-click access to the specific document within BGL or NowInfinity.

New Merge Fields For Email And Word Templates

Process automation is only possible if the individual steps that make up the process can be completed automatically themselves. For this reason we have extended the range of merge fields that can be used to auto-create documents such as letters and emails. Examples include:

  • Author Role – By assigning a role to each User (entered as free text) and adding the merge code “AuthorRole” to your templates, roles such as Director, Partner, Accountent etc can be added to sign-off emails and documents.
  • Reference Number – Any inbound or outbound email is allocated a unique reference number for tracking purposes. If a client raises a query on any email, your team will be able to locate it and respond immediately.
  • Custom Fields – If you have set up Custom Fields in Xero Practice Manager, these can also be used as Merge fields in your email and document templates in FYI.

New Knowledge Cabinets

Knowledge is an area dedicated to the storage of Practice Templates and non-client documents such as Policies and Procedures to boost productivity and client service.

  • Search for Email and Word Templates that have been set up for your practice.
  • Create additional Tabs to hold useful resources or reference documents for your team.
  • Add and edit templates (this can only be done by an FYI administrator or by Users in a User Group that has been Administer Templates enabled).

Enhancements For Team Collaboration

New features designed to make team collaboration in a thriving accounting practice even easier:

  • View Sent Documents – Use the new Sent filter to display the date and time documents were sent to or received from Clients. This acts as a mail register, also recording delivery method such as postal service, courier or email, and important details like reference ID.
  • Share Your In Tray – Delegate un-filed documents in your In Tray to another user using the Share tab in My Settings. This may be useful, for example, if you wish to nominate someone else to check, file and/or delete documents in your In Tray on your behalf.
  • View Documents as Read Only – Open one or more documents in FYI as read only without locking them from edit access by other users. Simply select a document and click the Read button in the tool bar, or use the Preview tab in the Drawer.
  • Staple Documents – Staple documents together, for example, to create a record of them being sent together, or to collate a group of documents for internal review. The “Stapled” link in the FYI Drawer opens a dynamic filter of the documents that have been stapled together.

More Powerful Task Management

We’ve recently added some new enhancements making managing Tasks in FYI more intuitive

  • Use Bulk Update to change the Due Date and/or Status of multiple tasks in a list
  • For those practices wanting to be job-centric, tasks can now be categorised to the job they relate to.
  • Customise your task lists by adding or removing columns to change which details display and saving as a Custom View.

We’re excited to be a key app partner at Xerocon in Brisbane next week. If you’re attending, come and say hi! You’ll find us at stand 48 right outside the Main Stage in Great Hall. We are running live demos of the FYI platform on the hour.